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Currently: October 2015

Hey y'all! I'm linking up with {Farley} for my October Currently! Find out what is currently happening in my life today!
Listening: I took the day off of school today to hang out at our local Oktoberfest that is happening this weekend! This morning, I have been just laying around listening to my husband work, and gave an impromptu bath to my stinky dog! Boy he needed it! After a bath, he usually earns a bone!

Loving: I love that I have a job that lets me take time off to spend with family and friends that are coming in from out of town to visit the Oktoberfest. In this small town, Oktoberfest is a BIG deal. 

Thinking: I have already checked to see if my kiddos have finished their weekly test twice (we do them online).. I always worry about letting them do their test with the subs. I can't imagine having to leave my actual kid at the baby sitter if I worry about my students with a sub this much!

Wanting: I have been in a little of a TpT slump... I'm wanting to think of something amazing, but it hasn't happened yet. No worries, it'll happen one of these days! 

Needing: My husband and I have been on a workout kick to get ready for our cruise that we are taking over fall break! I need to go run...so I can eat anything I want at Oktoberfest, that's how it works, right!?

Boo-tiful: We just celebrated our 3rd anniversary on Tuesday! I love how crazy we are about each other still after three years and building a house together! We were told horror stories about couples tearing into each other building a house. We didn't have any arguments over the house at all! We must be the perfect couple;)

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  1. Good for you! It's so important to just take a day off and enjoy . . . no matter what you are doing. Happy Anniversary! Yep, if you can survive building a house . . . you are golden! :) Have fun at Oktoberfest! The Techie Playground

  2. A teacher may have a day off, but her brain never does! Happy Anniversary! We just had our 15th! Life may still have some hard times ahead of you, but it sounds like you'll be ready to weather then together. I think there are few things worth celebrating more than a strong marriage!

    1. Congratulations on your 15 years!! Thank you for stopping by!

  3. Hi Aimee! I'm so glad you get to spend your day off with family. Time with family is so precious. Enjoy it! Congratulations on your 3 year anniversary! It sounds like you and your hubby are a perfect match. I wish you many, many more blissful years!
    Antoinette :)
    Shoelaces and Sugar Cookies

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