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Five For Friday: Happy Fall!

I'm so excited to be linking up with {Doodle Bugs Teaching} this fine Friday to tell you what we have been up to in my class!
This week we worked really hard on getting things ready for our October bulletin board! Let me preface this with, " I HATE doing a bulletin board..." It's my least favorite thing ever, honestly. I'd take parent/teacher conferences and PD the day before school starts any day over trying to make my bulletin board cute, but this month is different! You know it's a big deal when your teacher neighbor calls you out on Facebook! 
We started with making a pumpkin using a glyph that I loved! It came from {Teacher's Take-Out}. We read the directions, and highlighted our answers. Then out came the construction paper! We wrote a rough draft describing our pumpkins, and typed them up today! I finished my board this afternoon! 
My favorite part is my "Happy Fall" banner! Get it {here} for free! {KG Fonts} are my absolute FAVORITE! 
Like I said earlier, we typed our first paper today! I cannot believe how smoothly this went! The kids opened Word, indented, typed, and many of them changed the font and size all by themselves! I was very impressed and proud of my kids for either already knowing these skills or picking them up so fast!

My friends over at {Classroom Friendly Supplies}have some exciting news to share soon!
Clipart from Melonheadz
I can't spill the beans yet, but you won't want to miss it! Keep your eyes open! If you haven't heard about the quietest pencil sharpener, click {here} to read my review!
Since we have happily ended our relationship with Accelerated Reader, my kiddos have been working hard on getting in the hang of their new reading routine. I have been slowly introducing them to the different things they are going to be doing with the books they read. I can't wait to really get started and start making commercials and hosting book talks! If you want to check out this pack, head over to {my store}!
This may have been me a little this afternoon. We have been reading the story Super Storms, which is one of my favorites because I love storms.  We watched YouTube videos of hurricanes, blizzards, tornados, and lightning storms. We ended the lesson with a little Ms. Frizzle and The Magic School Bus. These are so fun and even a little educational! 
Head over to Doodle Bugs Teaching to find out what everyone else is up to!


  1. I'm laughing because I have a hate relationship with bulletin boards too! I don't change mine out ever! I have a teacher friend put them up at the beginning of the year and then I change the work out on them. I do change the border outside my classroom for each season but we don't have bulletin boards outside so it makes it easier. I can't believe you have your kids typing! I need to do that for final copies! I think they would love it but I don't have a printer in the classroom so I couldn't print them. Why did you stop AR quizzes? I need to check out what your doing with your reading responses. I use that for enrichment time. I can totally relate to watching a little Magic School Bus on a Friday. We watched MSB Kicks up a Storm today too! It related to our Super Storms story and weather unit in science. Have a great weekend!
    Rambling About Reading

    1. I love that bulletin board idea, it sure would make things easier! The kids LOVED typing and I love getting them use to using the keyboard! It was a total win win! I think even without a printer, they would have fun typing them and playing with the fonts and sizes. AR and I have been friends for a while, but it was just time to go our separate ways! lol I keep seeing my kiddos just wanting to read whatever they can for the points, and usually it was the shortest, dumbest book in their dot level, and not something they REALLY wanted to read about. What 9 year old wants to read about Biscuit and his trip to school, really? I wrote a post all about how I'm going to do my reading without AR, if you are interested! http://bit.ly/1UMdWr0
      Thanks for stopping by!! Have a great weekend!

  2. I have heard about that sharpener but have not yet used one. Thanks for the review especially the pros and cons!

    1. I use it mostly for teacher pencils because they really get sharp! Thanks for checking it out and stopping by! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Your bulletin looks great! Perfect for fall!

    Team J's Second Grade Fun


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