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Field Day Fun!

Why is it that when you plan something outside, the weather isn't cooperative?  Today, the second grade classes was going to have field day outside.  Of course, we have all of these fun activities planned and parents want to come.  But, weather stood in our way.  Yesterday, we checked the weather map and decided it wasn't looking good.  Aimee and I made a decision to stay in doors on this cold and dreary day.  We decided to have a Technology Field Day!

We sent a letter home to parents about our decision.  The students could bring in hand-held devices of their choice.  We would spend the day playing and learning.  In the morning, the kids could have free choice of what they would like to play.  I saw some students playing educational activities!  We even had our classroom Promethean boards on and our ActiveTables on (these are portable promethean boards on wheels).

In the afternoon, the students worked with adjectives and technology.  Each student was given a piece of paper to lay on their desk.  Then, the entire class had to go around (scoot) from one desk to another and write an adjective describing that person on the paper (Of course, they couldn't duplicate any of the adjectives.).

When we were finished scooting, we went to the computer lab to do a word cloud of our adjectives.  We used the program Tagxedo to create our word clouds.  This is a website you can use to create word clouds (and it's free!).    Each child made a word cloud with the adjectives that was written on their piece of paper.  After making our word clouds, we printed them in color.  I will pass out the word clouds with our memory books at the end of the year (in 5 days!!)  for students to take home. Below are some pictures of our word clouds.

PS. Last year, I had my students make word clouds with their spelling words, word wall words, and Mother's Day, vocabulary words, etc.

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