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Seating Charts

I love moving my room around! I do it at least once a month, if not more. Students love switching seats and sitting by new friends. This is where we have issues. We all those students who should NOT sit near each other, ever... right?!?  Of course you can take a lot of time planning out who will sit by who, but I found an awesome site that takes the work out of making a new seating chart!
Click here to check out the site!
HappyClassapp.com is a FREE automatic seating chart maker. It is perfect for the elementary teacher who only has one class. The difference between the free member ship and the paid one is that amount of classrooms you are able to have, which in most cases is one for elementary! You enter in the number of desks you want and in the arrangement you want them in.
It is set up on a grid system. For my tables, I try to keep a block in the grid apart so the program knows they are not actually next to each other.
Here is where it becomes easy! You can customize your class based on who they work well with, who they don't, if they need to sit near the front or back, or if they just need to stay where they are while the others move! When a student should not sit by another, use the broken heart. If they are ones who should be near one another, use the regular heart! You can change these through the school year based on who becomes best buds or who becomes a bully. 

This has saved me so much time over the school year in creating my seating chart. I stick it up on the Promethean Board and the kids love seeing who they are going to sit by!

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  1. Hey, I am having problems with Happyclassapp, I wonder are you having problems at all? Do you know where to contact their customer service? It's not listed on the website.


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