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Mystery Person Bingo

So last week was the last week of school. 
ahhh . . . summer break
To make the week less long, we played Mystery Person Bingo. Well it was going to be bingo..but it turned into a race to see how many you get right. 
I created a table on Word and started filling it in with facts I knew about my students! They absolutely LOVED trying to figure out which one was themselves first and then their friends. It turned into a race because I was not going to be able to shuffle the squares to make random cards! It would have taken wayyyy too long. Here is what I wanted to do though!
Print-Bingo.com - The world's best web based bingo card generator!
Click here to make your own (easy mixed up) Bingo card!
When you get to the site, there is a yellowish box in the middle. It says, " I've read enough, let me generate Bingo cards!" Click there!  The third bullet point  "custom bingo cards with your own words or phrases", will get you where you need to be! From there you have to click begin custom cards and then off you go! It looks set up like the same table you would find in Word. It will just randomize it better. 
Create a list of your student names and then you will be ready! When you pull the name out, students will write the name on the box they think goes with that person the best. 
Either way you play, your class will probably enjoy it as much as mine did!

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