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Through one of my classes this summer, I have discovered a really cool site! I haven't had a chance to use it in my room, since I just found it an hour ago, but I had to share!
Check it out here!
This is a fun site where students and teachers can make their own comic strips. It provides sooo many different clip arts and backgrounds. You can also add your own if they happen to not have what you want! The fact that it is easy to use is the best part.
Once you create an account, this is the screen you get. It has so many options of things to click! I am eager to find out what else I can do, but for now I figured out the comics! To get started, you click ToonDoo Maker.
It will open up a new window for you to start. The first step is to choose your layout. There are a lot of options to choose from. Then you can get started! You can add the clip art, backgrounds, and text to your comic. There are characters and props to add. You could also add your own doodles, if you are handy with the mouse! One thing to make sure of is that your browser is not full screen. In full screen, you will have a hard time seeing the buttons at the bottom, and there isn't a scroll bar! The buttons at the bottom are labeled, and the ones at the top tell you what they are when you hover over them with the mouse. 
Here is how my final comic turned out! The best part, I know there are a lot of best parts, is that for each character, you can change their emotion! The girl with the piggy tails on the phone originally had a WOW face, but I changed it to be happy with one click of one of the bottom buttons! I added the lamp, couch, books, computer, and steak from the props. The others are characters. There are so many awesome ways to use comics in the classroom! 
How would you use them?

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