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Techy Tuesday: Padllet

This week I wanted to blog about a website I learned to use last year during a Professional Development Course I needed to take.  The website/program is Padlet.  Have you ever used Padlet?

This is a video of one way you can use Padlet in your classroom.  I use Padlet in my classroom to ask the same question "Tell me what you learned today?".  I also have the students answer comprehension questions, I have my word wall on Padlet, I do a KWL chart on Padlet.

It is like an Online Post-it note site!  Best of all, this program is free!  Here is a link to my Padlet Word Wall Word Board!  My students use it to do various Word Wall activities with.  They love using the technology to find the words.
Crothersville Second Grade Word Wall Words

Do you use Padlet?  If so, how do you use it?  Do you have any creative ideas?  If you would like to link up your technology resources, we would love to see what you are using in your classroom (and how you are using them)!!  Link up Below!  Until next week, enjoy Padlet.

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