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You Oughta Know About...Procedures

Hey there! Today I am linking up with Mrs. McClain over at Buzzing with Mrs. McClain for her monthly You Oughta Know blog hop. Other bloggers and I will be sharing things that you "oughta know" for your classroom.
I am going to explain my first few days of school procedures! 
First thing I do is make a list of things I want my students to know about being in my classroom.  To do this, I take a visual tour of my classroom. I think, " Okay, when students walk in, what do they do next?" 

On the first day, even though they are not supposed to bring supplies, they almost all will. I have the kids take their backpacks to their seat and empty them. They have Play-Dough on their desk to play with. They also have a piece of paper and pencil to write what they make. This gives me a chance to get that supplies put away or organized or just collected! We have announcements right away in the morning, so that will also give me some extra time! 

After collecting the Play-Dough, I take students on the same tour I went through to make procedures! Your room is going to be brand new to students. They need to get familiar with it! I am working on a Classroom Detective project for my students the first week. They will not only be getting to know their classmates, but getting to know their classroom! Since I am still new at this, I haven't figured out how to make it editable, but you can always put a white square over the words, and use a text box to add your own questions. If you know how I can make it editable and keep the backgrounds locked, please let me know:) 

  I am always so nervous with a new class. The kids just don't understand that teachers get the first day jitters too! I type everything I want to do out, word for word. You can check out my procedure list, just click on the notebook!
The part about my procedures that I always seem to forget is to practice!! On the first day, students usually line up perfectly. The next day it gets a little noiser and then the third day seems to be how the rest of the year will go. I always want to have kids sit back down when they do not line up the right way, but I always forget! I am going to work on remembering to keep trying over and over until they do it how I want them to. This will help make the rest of the year go smoothly. I am always checking Pinterest to see what kinds of other procedures I should start at the beginning of the year. Check out what I have found so far.
What types of procedures do you have in your class?

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  1. Hi Aimee,
    Great ideas for the first day of school. The playdough to keep then occupied is genius! I like your idea of class detectives. Here's a link to a youtube video that explains how to make editable powerpoints, hope it helps with your project.


    Thanks for sharing your ideas,
    Crockett's Classroom, Forever in Third Grade

    1. The playdough is great at keeping about any grade entertained too! That's the best part! Thanks for the link! I appreciate it!!

  2. I agree! Procedures make a classroom go so much smoother for the rest of the year! I'm like you though - I'll work at it for a week, then I'll forget, then I'll get back at it!

    Thanks for sharing!
    The Purple Teacher

    1. Hopefully we will both remember this year! haha!

  3. Fun ideas for the first day of school!

  4. I love how you put the little individual play-dohs on their desks! Great ideas for the first day!


  5. Thank you for sharing your ideas. I really love your idea of using Play-dough to keep them occupied while you take care of supplies. I typically give the students a welcome back packet to work on while I am greeting students and putting away supplies.

    Buzzing With Mrs. McClain

  6. Cute ideas I think I will share this with my new teachers. Teaching Science With Lynda


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