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June Currently

It's June already! That means lots of things for me! First and most important, it is the start of my birthday month!!!! My most favorite day of the year, June 19! I can't wait!!! It also means it's time to link up with Farley for my June Currently!

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Listening- Willy keeps sneezing and sneezing! I know he loves smelling flowers when he is outside, he must have gotten some pollen in his nose, poor little pup!

Loving- June is my favorite month of the year!! My birthday month has finally arrived!!!!! I have a countdown for my lucky Facebook friends! I am sure they hate this month, at least the first 19 days;)

Thinking- I am working on my Action Research project for my Masters and just cannot get motivated today! There will always be tomorrow! Love summer, there is always tomorrow:)

Wanting- My mister makes the best steaks! He is going to grill tonight, I am ready for them to be finished! YUM!!

Needing- One of my besties is getting married in a couple weeks and her bachelorette party was last night! Boy am I sleepy! I have not seen those numbers on a clock in a loooooonnnnnngggg time!

Summer Bucket List-
1. I just started reading Heaven is For Real. It is such a good story! I am on chapter 6 and can't wait to have a few hours to just read it! I get so distracted, it is hard for me to finish books! I almost need the electricity to go out for a while!
2. I could combine number one and two and just sit outside near a pool and read!
3. Every year, well the past two, I want to organize my room. My first year, I was building my stock. there was not much to organize. Then I moved classrooms and grades! I just wanted all my stuff put up! I did not much care where it went. Now I can finally take it out and get it organized! I can't wait to read all the blogs about organizing. They always make me want to go straight to the Dollar Tree and to my classroom with all new storage containers!
5. We are also getting read to put our house up for sale because we are building a new house! I figure this will be as good a time as ever to have a yard sale! Once again, I just get too distracted. I hope I can get it together and make a little cash!
What would be on your summer bucket list?


  1. Visiting from Currently! I read Heaven is for real after my dad died, it is a great story. We also have Heave is for Real for Kids for my kiddos. Mmmmm steak sounds good! We will be grilling all week here! I need to get creating for TpT too! Have a great summer and birthday!

    1. I have seen the kids version of the book, and I know my students would love it!

  2. You sound just like my cousin... Her birthday is on the 27th and I'm waiting for the first fb countdown post to appear! Happy birthday for the 19th!
    Growing Little Learners

    1. That is so funny! I usually start a little earlier than the first! I was slacking this year;)

  3. Well I hope you had fun last night at the party last night. Everyone needs to let their hair down every once in a while!!!


    1. It was so fun having a girl night, I think I will be catching up on my sleep for a while though!

  4. A steak sounds so good right now. I have done a few TPT items, but nothing big. Good luck to you.


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