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Summer Stock Up: Behavior Management

Do you Dojo? If you haven't already, you should check out Class Dojo! It is an awesome online behavior management system that is fun for students and effective for teachers. To learn more about the basics of Class Dojo, click the monsters below!

There have been some new updates to the Dojo since my first post about it. The updates are AMAZING!! First, Class Dojo now lets you rate how many points a positive or negative is worth. This is super awesome because we all know bullying is a much more severe action than talking in class. Now with one click, can take up to five points away from students when they are bullying.  I also have changed my talking in class, disrespect, and talking out of turn to more than one negative point. The ones with out the exponent are just one point off. 
Along with adjusting the negatives, you can also increase the number of points students receive for positive points! 
Last year I loved using Class Dojo, but I often forgot because it was not a constant visual. This year I am adding a behavior chart to work with Class Dojo. While searching on Pinterest (How did teachers do it before Pinterest!?!) I found this awesome behavior tracker from Chasity Gabrielson. It is also a freebie in her Teachers Pay Teachers store!
Click here to head over to TPT and get this awesome freebie!
The tracker is a month long, and uses the most popular behavior chart colors! Students can get points when they move their name up (or flip flop that) and lose points when they move their name down. Here is the chart I have for my room!

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