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Monday Meet Up: Facts About Me!

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I'm linking up with the Teaching Tribune for Monday Meet Up! Here are some new facts about me!
 Fact 1: In Kindergarten, I was one of the first (not to toot my own horn or anything) to learn my ABC's forward. The teacher didn't know what to have us do while the other kids were still working on them, so she had us learn them backward! This is a fun party game skill, or to impress second graders;)
Fact 2: I grew up in the country, so I love being outside, and with no shoes most of the time! My favorite thing to do is ride the 4-wheeler. We have a lot of hollers and hills behind my dad's house. My cousins and I would ride all the time! Now that I live in town, the closest I can get to that is driving my Jeep around with the top and doors off. It is so relaxing, especially after a long day of school!
Fact 3: I only have three more classes until I am finished with my Master's degree! I love using technology in the classroom, if you couldn't tell! I would love to do more with it by teaching the teachers how to integrate technology into their lessons and daily activities. I am working on my degree through Ball State University and have had the best technology professors. They really have shown me different techniques that I never would have found on my own. I thought I knew about everything I could do with technology, but I was totally wrong!
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