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Vowel Task Cards

Do you use task cards in your classroom? My students LOVED them! They liked them ok last year, but this year, wow! It seemed like they were unstoppable! The first set we have tried was my Vowel Task Cards set.
This set has the option of doing long vowels or short vowels. If you wait long enough, you can use them for both in the same year! It has the word and the picture for younger students who can't read very well yet. 
There are four cards per vowel, so twenty cards in all! It comes with a response sheet for searching for long vowels or short vowels. We did short vowels to review this week. 
I scatter my cards around the floor in a circle. I remind the students to go in that circle so they don't skip one. This is only when we are doing it whole group, of course. If we are doing task cards in small groups, then I tape them up around the room. 

This was a last minute activity, ( I know, first week of school and I am already working last minute...not a good way to start!) so the black and white cards worked perfectly! Head over to my Teachers Pay Teachers store to pick up your set for $3.00!

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