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The Quietest Classroom Pencil Sharpener

Hey guys! I got the opportunity to review {Classroom Friendly's Quietest Classroom Pencil Sharpener}! I was so excited to receive my sharpener.

The two parts you see are the sharpener(duh) and the part to use to secure it (sort of) to a table or desk.
When I got to school, I couldn't wait to use it. I have missed super sharp pencils, those electric ones just don't quite do it.  To use the sharpener, I checked out a video on their wonderful website!

I tried to figure out how to secure it next. I found out if works best on a flat table or counter, you know the kinds that don't round out at the edge? The shorter, curved side goes in a hole at the bottom of the sharpener. Then you place the black stopper on along with the wing nut.

 The nut tightens so you can use several different types of surface thicknesses. I also found out that you can't tighten it too much or it will go sideways. The sharpener is made to be portable, so this really wasn't a big deal for me. 

They do make a special mounting plate that will keep it secure and in place. I would highly recommend this for classrooms with younger students. My students (second grade) would have trouble turning and holding at the same time. 
To put the pencil in, you have to squeeze the black pegs on the top together. Pull them out away from the sharpener.  Then the pencil goes in, keep them squeezed still!

As the pencil sharpens, the pencil holder keeps going back toward the sharpener. I thought it may go all the way in, but  it does not. It gets real close though. You can tell a difference in how hard the crank is to turn to know if the pencil is sharp or not.
And then... TA-DA!

-Super sharp pencil
- portable for taking to students during testing
-QUIET- this sharpener is way quieter than the old crank one and my electric one. 
-You don't have to keep checking and checking to see if it is sharp
- Not very stable unless you buy the permanent mount. I'm sure you could use Velcro or a strong glue to fix this also.
- Super sharp pencil- I did one for a student and then he kept pointing it at another student's face. This made me very nervous because it was so super sharp. 
Overall, I loved trying out this sharpener. I got it out during our Rocket Math minute and the kids didn't even realize I was using it! 
The Quietest Classroom Pencil Sharpener is $24.99, and I would not regret paying for it. It is a great asset for the classroom!
 You can order one for your own classroom with a 5% discount by using the code
This code is good until November 1st. Head to their site and make your sharpener one of the quieter things in your room!

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