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Five for Friday! I'm Back!

Well after being computer free for a week, I am finally back! I don't know why it took me soooo long to figure out that I could just upload my photos to Facebook in a private album and save them to my husband's computer. I guess getting the time to do that was part of the trouble too! If you didn't know already, I spilled water on my computer and lost EVERYTHING! It's driving me crazy! But I finally am back on the blogging scene and linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for my Five for Friday!! Woo Hoo!
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We typed our first writing assignment this week! I showed the students one time how to get into Microsoft Word, and that was all that they needed! They were totally ready to get started! I love how eager they were to type their papers. Our topic was from Amy Lemons. It was "  Things That Bug Me." This class was known for bullying and not getting along, so I thought a great get to know you activity was to find out what actually pushes their buttons. They loved getting their complaints on paper. Along with the writing they made little bugs! It was funny to see that most of the bugs ended up being bumble bees.

We began using our BUILD groups this week! Luckily I had emailed myself my BUILD notebook file so I had a copy of it at school. I will be telling you all about BUILD math groups as soon as I get a replacement computer. It is always more comfortable working on your own computer rather than someone elses, even my husbands!
I had to do some last minute tweaking so I quickly came up with my BUILD menu. I cannot wait to share how our groups work!
We started our science lessons this week. Cassondra and I are planning on doing STEM/Science with our students each Friday afternoon. We talked about phases of the moon, watched the Brainpop Jr. Moon video, and then we YouTubed the moon landing. The kids LOVED it. Their assignment was to make moon observations each night for a week. We practiced observing by going outside and just observing the front of our school. Not much was happening, but the kids came up with some really good stuff! They had to write a couple sentences and draw a picture of their observation. 
Unfortunately, Indiana has had some rainy, cloudy humid evenings. The kids only saw the moon maybe two times this week! BOO! We had to scrap the whole thing and we will try again another time. 
Our house is coming right along! The basement floors should get poured next week! I am so excited I cannot even contain myself!!!!!
Keep water away from your computers...

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