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Welcome to my Classroom 2014

Welcome to my room! Let's have a close-up:)
My desk: I got rid of my desk last year. I have been teaching for two years, one with a desk and one without. My first year, I had so much clutter on top and my drawers(except one) were all like the junk drawer we all have in the kitchen, you know the one I mean? So when I moved to second grade I got rid of it! Not having a desk has really opened up my room. I have a counter where my computer is and a little table where I keep my birthday items, markers, tape, and finger nail polish( chiggers or chipped nail, I'm prepared!). On my counter is where I have my magazine holders for my daily lessons, my phone, staples, paper clips, and other small assorted school supplies. I also have lotion because dry skin is too itchy to mess with!  Of course,  I also have my fridge and book shelf for my binders on the floor.

  Brownie Points: In my room, I hate hate hate hearing "I'm done, what do I do?" The kids know there is always SOMETHING to do, but they are hoping I tell them to do something other than read. That is exactly what I want to do! I don't want to push books down their throats because reading is a joy, it shouldn't be forced. I have instituted my "Brownie Points" boxes. When they finish early, or have " nothing" to do, they can go to the Brownie points box and pull out something to work on. They are numbered like mailboxes so I can differentiate on extra practice for my kiddos! I LOVE the fact that not everyone will have the same work pages in their brownie points box. Some have task cards for commas in a series, when others have addition cards to work on. The kids turn their finished work in and if they get a 100% they get a sticker on their sticker chart. Once they have a row filled, they get a piece of candy. They whole chart filled gives them their choice of coupon from my coupon drawer!  My Brownie Points sign is free in my TPT store!
Above my Brownie Points, you can see a peek of my word wall! I used sentence strips and a stapler, pretty fancy huh?! My wonderful husband hung them all last summer and I am just planning on leaving them up this year! It worked out pretty well last year. Why reinvent the wheel, right?

My coupons are in my Teachers pay Teachers store if you want to check them out! They are also free if you want to do some searching on my blog:) I honestly don't remember what post I stuck them in!

Behavior: My behavior area is right next to the Promethean board. It is in the front of the room for a constant visual. I have my clip chart, which is just being instituted this year. You can get a clipchart on my fan freebies by liking my {Facebook page}! I also use {Class DoJo}! I love it! I post how students get points, lose points, the consequences, and the rewards for students to see. 
At the bottom, see the birds with numbers? That is our AR point club tracker. Our principal is a big fan of AR so my students move leaves along the vine across the front of the room. I like AR for the comprehension part, but not the only reading for points part, love/hate(more one than the other;) relationship!

Date:  I have the date on the board, usually the correct one, each day. The kids have a hard time seeing the days of the week on our big calendar, so I am using the smaller ones that will be easier for the kids to see. I will just have to switch them out each day. They are on magnets, so that should be easy! I also have a few pictures on my board to make my room more cozy. The one you can see are of some of the girls I teach with. The others are of me and students, and my class picture from the past two years. I was with those kiddos for two years, I am sure going to miss them this year!

Boggle:  I found these cute letters on Teachers Pay Teachers and instead of using them for my word wall, I use them for Boggle! Through the year, we use our spelling words in our boggle letters. Right now there is a secret phrase in the letters! Can you find it? My rule for my second graders is to just use the letters, they do not have to connect. That is tough for even me, so I am not making them do it the correct Boggle way! First one to guess the phrase (use each letter once per word) can have their choice of one product from my store!
My letter holders, the library pockets, are looking a little rough! ha! Time to be replaced!
I hope you have enjoyed a peek inside my classroom! We are going to be very busy this year making our classroom even better! Follow us on Blog Lovin' to keep up with all the new and exciting things going on in second grade!


  1. Blast back to school? I don't know just an idea. :)

    1. You are really close! You just use each letter one time!


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