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Five for Friday-TGIF

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I had a little bit of a crummy week. I think I just was grouchy all week. Do you ever have those weeks? Here are the highlights of my grumpy week. There were quite a few:)
I got the prettiest flower from one of my little girls! These kids always know how to brighten up my day! They are too sweet!
We finally got the room decorated for Halloween! I love our math Candy Corn! They turned out soooo well! Check out my post all about them by clicking on the picture! They took about 20 minutes (ish) to make and the kids had a lot of fun doing it. 
Yes... I am one of those people who dress up their pet. I love looking for a new costume for Willy! Toby doesn't humor me as much as Willy does. Here is what we are thinking for this year. What do you think?
Cutest pirate ever right!?! It is so hard finding outfits to fit his looooonnnng body! It always looks like the shirt shrunk! I love him!
My 2nd anniversary was last week! If you like us on Facebook, you saw the most awesome anniversary gift ever! It's had to believe two years ago next week my super handsome husband and I were in Italy on my honeymoon. It was the best vacation( of course it was, we were in Italy) ever! While we were there, it flooded in Venice! We got to venture out in boots(Willies according to the English lady we ran into) and splash through the stores and streets. It was the highlight of our trip!

We have been talking about weather all week. Our story was Super Storms and I love love talking about storms. I think the kids caught on to my excitement because they loved talking about them too! We had a crummy, rainy week in Southern Indiana.  I had one boy ask, " We are reading about storms, and it stormed last night. Why did it do that?" It just cracked me up! In honor of all the super storms we talked about, which of course talked about how crazy the wind gets, we made weather vanes! It was super fun! I'll be blogging about how we did it this up coming week!

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