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Candy Corn Math

We made the cutest candy corn today! It took about thirty minutes, three pieces of paper, a little chaos management,  and a messy example on the board, but wow! They turned out great!
During my prep, I created tracers for each piece of the candy corn. I didn't make enough for each person to have a set, they did have to share. The pieces were labeled so everyone could see what it was. I was so proud of how well my students shared the tracing pieces!
I kept hearing, "Who needs a bottom?!" yelled across the room. This was the only chaotic part. It wasn't even bad because they were sharing so well! 
When they had all their pieces traced, the students had to cut them out!
I had originally thought about putting the candy corn together on a piece of construction paper to hang. Then duh! it hit me! The students can use both sides of their candy corn and it will look soooo much cuter hanging if you can see both sides. 
Once it was put together, students had to draw two numbers( one for the front and one from the back) from a baggie. The numbers were from a 100's chart that had been cut up. I took out 1-19 because those are kind of boring to work with ones and tens.  The number they drew goes at the top, in the white. In the orange, the kids had to tell me how many tens and ones their number had. In the bottom,  they had to show the expanded form for their number. 
I hung them up after I check them! My classroom is sure screaming fall now! I love it! If you need a template to make your tracers, just google it:)


  1. I LOVE this! Thanks so much for sharing! We're working through 3 digit numbers and this is perfect!

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