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Task Card Crazy

My class went a little crazy this week, task card crazy that is! We had Parent/Teacher Conferences and fall break right on the horizon.  I don't know how you get ready for conferences, but I HAVE to be on the floor with all my papers all around me. It is quite a sight:)
LOVE using the panorama function on my new phone!
We have been working on place value and using our hundred chart. Well I had found an awesome set of task cards where students had to do ten more or ten less than a number from 1-1000. Last year, I didn't introduce students to numbers above 100 for a while. This year, I want students to realize their skills do not stop at 100. They can use what they know for any number!  

In my room, I use task cards ALL THE TIME! I make a lot of them but I also find a lot. I love Jamie's from Diary of a Not So Wimpy Teacher! Sometimes I print and laminate them, but a lot of times, I just print at school with no color. We use them scoot style, sometimes we use them in groups, sometimes I just walk around the room and put them on the floor. Students like this because they can just walk around and not lose their place in the circle. 
This I put them on the floor. These cards need the hundred charts for numbers 1-1000. I put the task cards around the room with the charts in the middle for students to use for reference. 
The best part about using task cards is that students can go at their own pace. They are able to walk around and move, not just stay at their seat. 
I made a response sheet for students to just do ten task cards. They can pick and choose. They have to tell me what card number in the small box and their answer in the larger box. I think this tricks the kids into working quicker because they don't have to work soooo much, or so they think! 

Fall break has officially started at my school. We are off all week! Too bad my husband has a list, a long list of things to do before we put the house up for sale. I guess it will be best to just get it over with! 
Happy fall!

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