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The Primary Gal's Birthday Bash

It's Amanda's birthday and we are helping to celebrate! I have put a couple of my classroom favorites on sale for only a dollar!
The first one I chose was:

Click here to find it!
I love, love, and LOVE using commas in a series. I know, weird, right!? When students are writing, I want them to know about this very, super, and amazingly important grammatical skill! There are 20 task cards.
Students have a response sheet that doesn't make them write twenty sentences. There are five spots for them to create sentences. They just have to put the card number and then their sentence. This is great for groups or for a whole class activity. 
The second activity I have on sale is...

There are ten task cards for students to work through. The QR code gives a short explanation and the answer. The sums or differences are no more than $1.00. There are also a couple two steppers! Last year I strung them on a clothes line and had students use them during groups. 
Check out the other great dollar deals below and wish The Primary Gal happy birthday!

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