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Fall goes well with Word Clouds

We have a big week at school this week! With a field trip Thursday and book character dress up and fall parties on Friday, we decided to take a break from the regular routine and mix it up a little! We have been reading 
We read the story yesterday together and then listened to it on YouTube today. Then I had the kids make a list of words that were important as to why leaves change color. It could be adjectives describing the leaves or whatever they could find that they thought was important. 
The rule was to list at least 20 words. 

Then I showed the students Tagxedo! This is a word cloud maker. Go to the site, and hit create! It is sooo much fun! 
The students typed in their words and hit submit on the side. They are able to change the shape and the colors of their word cloud! 

They have everything from animals, to guitars, to Abraham Lincoln, which the kids thought was so funny! 

I let them print in color which is a HUGE deal! I'm sure it would be a big deal for your kids too. This is the only thing I have ever let the kids print in color. We had such a good time working on them. Be sure to check out the site. It is so simple to use and a lot of fun!

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