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A Little Late Egg Hunt

The week of Easter, Aimee and I decided we would have an Egg Hunt.  I had a high school helper stuff around 400 eggs with various task cards.  The task cards covered many math topics we cover in second grade.  I found many of the task cards on TPT by searching for task cards.  There were also fun rewards in the eggs as well.  The rewards consisted of free ipad app choice, take your shoes off in class, line jumper, purchase a drink or snack for class, homework pass, wear a hat in class, and homework pass.  Of course all of the rewards were free.  After my high school helper stuffed the eggs, I needed someone (or a bunch of someones to hide the eggs on our playground).

Who could I get to hide them? Of course, I called on the fifth grade to help.  So the fifth grade teacher and I traded classes for about 15 minutes.  I took his kids out the playground to hide the eggs.  He watched my kids (well, they just drew in their notebooks).   After hiding the eggs, it was time to find them.   Each students was given a baggie and instructed to find only 9 eggs.  This was fun!

We went back inside (because it was windy) to open our eggs.  We then answered the task cards and enjoyed our rewards.  The comments I got from the kiddos were amazing.  They said "this is so much fun!"  Having fun and learning!  That is my daily goal for my students!

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