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Melting Crayons

We have been using our Too Noisy app a lot! I still love it! The app tracks how often the alarm goes off. We have to have some kind of penalty for the amount of times it goes off. I have done several different things so far. Jumping up and down for a minute(which they love of course!), heads down for that many minutes, sentences from the word wall, and my favorite peeling crayons!

We finally have enough crayons peeled for me to melt them down into some cool shapes! I have several silicon ice trays that I like to use. I have stars, cupcakes, dog bones, owls, leaves, snowmen, and hearts! They are usually around a dollar from Target or Kroger. This time I used the owls, cupcakes and dog bones. I filled the stars, but my tray was too full! Maybe next time!
I preheated the oven to 350 and put aluminum foil over a cookie sheet. I wanted to make sure the details stayed in the crayon, so I the crayons were overflowing from each shape. 
I left them in the oven for about twenty minutes. I am always so eager to get them out to see what they look like, but I was patient this time! I let them dry overnight. 

They ended up looking perfect!! My students were so excited about their crayons! I had my sub hand them out while we were doing our EOY Dibels testing. The kids already were asking to peel more crayons so they can get more shapes<3

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