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Math Groups

I began doing math groups last year when I was in first grade. Cassondra used them too! We collaborated this year to come up with some awesome math activities to use in our groups. First we had to decide what our groups would be. I started the year with something different than I have now, sometimes you just have to switch it up. I kept it very basic because I like to switch the activities so often!
Click here to download these for free!
I created this rotation chart to help my students switch groups smoothly. I have similar ones for Daily 5. I planned on Velcro dots to place five in each group. Students could check in on Monday to which group they wanted to start each day. My students have numbers and the other part of the Velcro is on their number for easy removal and a good "stick."  Once we began for the year, I noticed this just wouldn't work for me. I never got around to laminating these or getting them hung up.
Instead I decided to create a PowerPoint with an automatic rotation, every eight minutes. I can easily pause the slideshow if my group needs more time. I can also group the kiddos so I have mostly higher level and just one or two strugglers at a time. This way I can focus on assisting them after we work a few problems together. I do not like to ability group in math. Having all the lower kids in one group is stressful on me because many times they have different needs.  
To the left(owls), that is how I WOULD have used my cards!
I decided to change the Accelerated Math group to the Computer group. Accelerated Math is offered on the iPad, so my students can do their math on either one! This works out great if I find a great math game or an awesome app to use instead.
My hands-on group always has an activity where they are working with a partner or their group. They are rarely working alone. Some activities could include board games, card/domino activities, using manipulatives, or using task cards.
Students were using blocks and paper clips to measure.

The group that is With the Teacher does the work page that comes with the series. We use manipulatives and dry erase boards a lot! I usually have them just sit on the floor with me. We have been working on measuring this week.
Students enjoy the movement math groups gives them! I love how active they are.

I also have Frog theme signs for math groups in my TeachersPayTeachers store. They are free, so if you have a froggy class, hop on over;)

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