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At the end of each nine weeks, our elementary school participates in some sort of school-wide activity.  For the first nine weeks, kindergarten is responsible for the activity.  This year, we had school-wide relays.  Each student is placed on a team and "funny" relays are held.  Staff participates in these relays as well.

At the end of the second nine weeks, first grade is responsible for the activity.  This year, we did a school wide Christmas BINGO on our Promethean Boards.  The first grade teachers made a BINGO board template with Christmas pictures that was shared among all teachers.  Each morning after announcements, our principal would call BINGO over the loud speaker.   If a room BINGO-ED, we called the office.  The first class to call the office would win candy canes.  On Friday, we did a cover all.  Of course, every class won.  Santa would bring around Candy Canes for every class.  I know Santa wouldn't be allowed in most schools, but luckily (thus far) we haven't had any complaints from parents.  This is the fifth year or so that we have done Christmas BINGO.

At the end of the third nine weeks, second (my grade) and third grade is responsible for the activity.  Each year, we do a school wide game day.  This game activity is done the last hour or so of the school day.  Each student in the building is given a number 1-15. Typically we just go down the list in numerical order.  This is the student's group number.  Then we all (entire school) go to the gym.  The students go to their group station.  There is a staff member responsible for each station.  Once at the station, students can play games until time is up.  We have various board games available.  We collect games from staff members in the morning to put out at the different stations.  We also have had games donated to us from the community.  The kids love this activity.  Most kids don't get the opportunity to play board games.  This is the perfect opportunity for students to interact with each other (older and younger) while learning how to play games.  Of course staff join in on the fun and play along.

Finally, the fourth nine weeks fourth and fifth grade are responsible for the activity.  We have a school-wide movie party.  The teachers select about 10 movies (kid-friendly of course) for our "theater".  Students then select which movie they would like to see.  Students then go to the classroom where their "movie" is showing.  During the movie, students are given popcorn (our school has a popcorn popper) and fruit snacks.  There are staff members (usually aides) to chaperon the movie theater(s).  Of course this works out great for classroom teachers.  Since it is the end of the year, we are trying to finish up our rooms and prepare for summer break.  This allows us time to finish up anything projects we are working on while our kids are at their movie.

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