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April Fools:)

Yes.. I was the teacher that played some tricks on my students for April Fools. They laughed after I made up for it!
First: A student was absent on Monday. Before he came in to class, I piled on the worksheets for "make up" work. The look on his face after seeing all the work was priceless! The whole class went along with it perfectly! I only let him do one page before I told him;)
Second: Brown-e's
I made brown e's for my students. I had them wrapped in foil all day. Along with the e's were their gifts from my Boston SB trip. I got them Chinese handcuffs from a joke store in Salem. I always bring my students something back from my trips. Along with the gift, they get to learn about the culture, happenings, and history of where ever I visited, and I finally have someone that HAS to look at my vacation pics;)

Before I handed out the e's, I passed out napkins and washed my hands. The kids were ready for their snack! The looks on their faces when they saw the e's....I cannot even describe! Some thought they would be funny too and started chewing on their e. I quickly handed out their gifts then and their real snacks. They forgave me and we ended our day with a Bernstein Bear's video with trick or treating. The one where they are scared of their neighbor because they thought she was a witch, but she turned out to be a nice lady. This tied right in with my brief, very limited Salem Mass. history.
You can see kid slobber on the e!

My husband brought my ice cream home!!!! Best Hubs EVER!

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